I opened my Facebook today and the first thing my eyes fell on was a black and white music video that just flashed on me through my feed. Yes, it was the song Dehradun sung by the famous George Harrison when he was in India with Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh. The song was written and sung by Harrison in 1968 while he was in our country looking for God, spirituality and enlightenment. The video had black and white images of Dehradun, its many buildings and railway station including the town square. I was smitten by the simplicity of the song Dehradun whose lyrics are as follows.


Dehra Dehra Dun

Dehra Dun Dun

Dehra Dehra Dun

Dehra Dun Dun

Many Roads can take you there

Many different ways

One direction takes you weeks

Another takes you days

Many people on the roads

Looking at the sights

Many others with their troubles

Looking for their rights

See them move along the roads

In search of a life divine

Beggars in a gold mine

Dehra Dehra Dun

Dehra Dun Dun

It reminded me of my roots. It was the city where I studied at the famous Welham Boys boarding School for six years. It is so dear to me with all my childhood memories. Of course, my grandmother still lives there at the age of ninety. I have the fondest memories of this valley town and with my ancestral house intact, the bond remains ever deeper. I make it a point to spend a few months in this city. For me, it is the true city of my birth. For a set confessed wanderer, I think I belong to Dehradun. It is like an anchor in my life. That is why I fell in love with this old Beatles song on my hometown. I want you to enjoy the tune and the magic of the city of Dehradun.

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