Blogging is a relentless activity especially mind numbing for guys like me who have a low attention span. So many ideas spinning in my head, so many stories. The only way I0 can let them out is by writing them down on my blog and building on them. I spend four hours a day writing including ideation and research. So guys, there are no shortcuts. You have to keep generating new places, travels, stories and new ideas to maintain as well as grow your follower base exponentially.


One has to be alert, sensitive, creative and imaginative, receptive to your surroundings, all ears waiting to catch a conversation or a funny line at the club or the bazaars. You have to live and breathe your idea at all times. This focus comes after some time when the path starts to unfold and things begin to get clearer.


Keep writing and it doesn’t matter if you exceed your word limit. You will get better at it and then the words will just begin to flow. Researching on the net or YouTube is also an integral part of blogging. I have to read a lot and absorb many kinds of information from the net otherwise these research and information that keeps floating in my mind where I give things a structure are just plain writings. Apart from being therapeutic, you should be able to gather your thoughts just when you begin your writing. Your writing should reflect the learnings of the day, a totally different topic or an idea of discussion.


Nighttime is the best time to blog as it’s still and quiet. I prefer to write at night but I go with the flow, whatever the mood dictates. It truly is burning the midnight oil kind of stuff. My photography course and new equipment will add the needed visual appeal to my blog write-ups as they add the sheen, colour and flavour to my writings. As the blog ebbs and flows with the same emotions as me, I try to meet the demands of my audience. My writings are true and from the soul. They are philosophical in nature. They inform and enquire. They ask questions but unnecessarily does not give all the answers. My growing interest in wildlife and adventure sports has only added a new thrill to my blog writing. So keep at it till you find the type of life you want. Blogging helped me achieve that or at least set me on that path. Come and benefit from it.

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