Weeping is equivalent to crying or shedding a tear from your eyes as they roll down your cheeks. It is due to the direct result of pain inflicted either on the body or on the soul. It’s also a technique to grab attention which is especially used by little kids who begin to cry when they want a thing or when they want to draw attention.

Weeping is a release of pent-up emotions of pain, misery and remorse. We weep to cleanse our soul and it makes us feel lighter after having a loud cry. It can happen due to a deceiving partner, a death of a loved one or when you have just gone broke. A cry can go a long way in lightening your burden.

Tears lighten the soul a bit. It’s like having a shower and releasing your pain at the same time. So crying can be a great therapy. When you feel like weeping or having a good cry, go ahead and do it. Make noise, grunt and whine. Take it all out because you will be feeling level-headed and lighter after the weep.

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