Our personal time is precious to us. In our fast-paced world, days of leisure are rare. So, when we carve out a few days for rest and recreation, we want to have everything we need at our fingertips.

To have or not to have

There are some items that we think we have to live without when we are traveling. As much as we desire to look and feel our best, we sometimes have to weigh out the need for an item against the space it takes and how hard it is to carry.

Finally, technology has brought us gadgets that are designed to assist us while we travel in an unobtrusive way. They are small, light, and effective. There are plenty of sun-filled days left in 2017 to visit the beach. Or, if you like spending time in nature, hiking, cycling or walking, make sure you have the proper hiking gear.

There is no better place to try out some of the hottest gadgets that are guaranteed to add value to your trip.

Great beach vacation gadgets

  • Spectacles – video recording sunglasses

Everyone wants to record video of their trips. The problem is, you do not want to spend your entire vacation with a camera in your hands. It seems that the moment you put your camera down to pay for a soda, apply sunscreen, or wash the sand from your feet, something incredible happens. By the time you get your camera back in your hand, it is over.

Enter, Sunglasses with a built-in video recorder. You get the shot you want from the vantage point of your eyes. It is a perfect solution. These sunglasses are called Spectacles and they are made by Snapchat, Inc. By the way, these glasses look great and actually do protect your eyes from the sun.

  • Sand Proof beach mat & beach bag

Wow! A beach mat that is literally impossible to hold sand. This was intended for military use. It has two layers. Sand flows through the mat and is trapped under the mat. You can picnic, sunbathe, or just read a book. No more sandy hands, gritty sandwiches, or sand in your soda.  As an added bonus, spilled drinks are instant clean-ups too.

The same technology has allowed developers to create the sandless beach bag. Keep your items clean and neat and no more sandy cars. These items are sold by Cgear and are available on Amazon.

  • Smartphone Breathalyzer

It is normal to want to relax and have a few drinks when you are on vacation. This is your week to see the sites, enjoy the food, attend the concerts and just party! But, you draw the line at being irresponsible. This is the concept that inspired the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Keychain Breathalyzer. It works with iPhones and Android devices. It hangs on your keychain and looks like a flash drive. You will get an estimated blood alcohol level by using this gadget. It is not perfect, so use it wisely.

  • Bose Quiet Control wireless headphones

You have gone fast all day and you are looking forward to a quiet evening in your resort hotel. However, your family has other ideas. Your partner is watching the big game with his buddy on television. Your kids have fired up the video games and are having a fun and very loud afternoon. No problem, slip on your Bose Quiet Control wireless headphones. You can adjust the level so you can hear what you want (like a fire alarm) and not hear what you don’t want.

  • HooToo Wireless Travel Router

We love our electronics. We go nowhere without our phones, tablets, or computer. But when you are traveling you may find yourself in places where WiFi is weak. The HooToo Wireless Travel Router is a life saver. It has multiple uses. This device acts like a wireless charger. You can use it to streamline televisions and even transfer your files. All of this comes in a small, lightweight device that is easy to carry in your pocket or handbag.

The time is now

The year is winding down, but there is still plenty to do and plenty to see in sunny California. Technology is doing its part in making the traveler comfortable no matter how far from home they are. If you have a need, there is a solution. So look around and get the gadgets that will soothe your traveling woes and make a reservation to enjoy the rest of 2017.

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