1. Facebook is the mother of all platforms and as a blogger, one must be on Facebook. Apart from Facebook, one must definitely have a distinct page for the blog and should post regularly on groups and internet pages relevant to the blogging theme.

2. LinkedIn gives you a network of professionals you can forge business partnerships with. I found my current service provider through this platform.

3. WhatsApp is a must stay-in-touch app and adds a chat element to your blogging. You can respond instantly and send pictures and videos too making it a great communication tool.

4. Instagram, the father of all photography and photo sharing applications, has kick-started the lives of many internet celebrities. It is very popular with photographers, journalists and media personalities.

5. Tumblr is a creative blogging platform and is smart as well as easy to use. The level of blogging is also visually attractive and artistic. For these reasons, a lot of professional bloggers have integrated with this platform.

6. Pinterest is used widely to pin down hobbies and common interest areas.

7. YouTube is meant solely for videos and is very popular and powerful at it. You also get paid for your video views.

8. Vimeo is another video platform like YouTube. This is a more advanced and sophisticated platform specialising in HD and higher video qualities.

9. StumbleUpon is a must for hobby enthusiasts and creative people.

10. WordPress is a singular blogging platform that manages all your social media and internet entities.

11. Twitter is a popular news and social networking app where users can communicate with a limited number of words called “tweets”.

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