Travel insurance is very popular nowadays. It is becoming more and more like airlines bank. Credit card companies are offering domestic as well as international travel insurance to their prospective clients. Travel Insurance are of many kinds. You can get health insurance done, luggage, baggage and equipment insurance done. You can be insured in case of a plane crash or a travel accident. These are sold through airlines, banks, insurance agents, travel and tour operators. Many times, travel insurance is bundled into the entire travel package and sometimes it comes as a special perk for buying an airline ticket.

LIC and other insurance agencies also bundle it as part of a package. I, for one, enjoy a health insurance cover of up to 50,000 dollars. This comes bundled in with my Prestige credit card. Baggage insurance is a must, especially if like me, you are carrying hi-tech cameras and laptops. Losing them can be a pain but you might get some relief from your baggage insurance.

In Hong Kong, I had a viral fever for a few days and had to go to the hospital. I mean emergencies like these can happen when you travel on a holiday or with your family on an excursion.

So go out there and get yourself insured for a safe travel experience reassured that you are covered in case something out of the ordinary happens. Banks and financial websites are the largest distributors of travel related insurance and one can get insured online without much fuss or paperwork. So it’s not that much of a pain in the ass.

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