Janak and I had walked on the lawns of the Delhi Golf Club seeing peacocks in all their bloom. The peacocks were walking past us as if we were strolling in an old Mughal palace. The gold course all lit up in the evening as vanilla white light falls on the green shiny grass. The lawn reflects light back forming a misty hue above the golf course.


I got down to some serious photography here the other day. Taking shots of the members in the bar sipping away at their whiskey and cognacs as they puffed away at their fatty cigars discussing the politics and news of the day. There were young golfers polishing their sticks and getting ready to take another crack on the course as caddies sat on the lawn waiting for instructions from their lords.


The lawns are super maintained and look like velvet. There are side walk lamps that lit up the club premises in the evening. They had a very old Delhi look but a lot more class and the best pedigree of members in India. The club consisted of the old, rich and powerful of Delhi, maharajas and civil servants, old and new age business men. The who is who of Delhi frequents this club, celebrity and golfers all walk up to the bar in the evening to share a drink and a chin wag as the TV plays in the corner of what reminds me of a British-style bar complete with green leather chairs and sofas.


The club has two bars, one on the balcony facing the golf course and the other one after the entrance. The one I entered is for slightly older generation and ply the fifty plus are seen here with huge chandeliers representing Elizabethan times. This bar has large chunky green leather seats and sofas too to host its guests.


One has to wear a collared shirt or t-shirt here all the time and I preferred to keep my jacket on. There is a dress code guys but the best thing was all these beautiful and successful women that sat in their little groups on the balcony chatting away and drinking to their hearts content. The banter and chatting did get loud as everyone started to get drunk by dinner time. There is a separate dining hall for dinner but you can order at the bar itself. I preferred the dining hall and just consumed my snacks at the bar. The bathroom and steam baths are well-maintained. There is even a gym fully operational for the members. It is luxurious with heritage and pedigree.


The balcony is the best place to be as one can wander around sipping a drink or even smoke at the corner. It’s great to eavesdrop into peoples conversations and overhear snippets from the neighbouring table. Women with black skirts or tight denim jeans smelling and looking their best with dark lipsticks and glittering eye-liners. Man, those nails were finely manicured just to tear out your flesh in heats of passion.


The food subsisted and Janak busted his lint of Rs. 50,000 as his father ranted from the other side of the phone. It took much explaining that we were enjoying ourselves for five straight days on the golf club binging on alcohol and non-vegetarian food.


The keema, the butter chicken and the prawns are a must-try. The mutton cutlets and bacon rolls should be tried for snails with a tall glass with gin and tonic. We polished off all this with a glass of brandy and cigars.


The alcohol gave the surroundings a flavour and a texture. It made the noises vivid and the light brighter. All in all, it was a very satisfying experience. Not to mention the single malt that I gulped away with soda and ice. Cheers to all!


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