I have kept my energy levels up at all times during this Kerala excursion and have been ably helped by my Infynith team. We have discussed future strategy, the importance of data mining and microtargeting our readers by using them for brand integrated promotions. But the focus has been on videography and filming for my YouTube video channel. I enjoyed walking near the bay area on the sidewalks chatting to old folks who sat on nearby benches. Needless to say, they were resting there after the evening walks. I discussed the meaning of the word eccentric with them and then sat down with them for a jolly good chat, all the while urging them to talk to the camera so that I could get some funny bits for my Travelthon video. I had a whole orange bar ice cream as I hop about my travels. All the while, I was slurping the juicy bar. The evening sunset excited my crew who grabbed the orange ball sun setting above the sky with boats and small ships sailing in the blue shiny orange water.

I, for one, was motivating my crew all the time with passionate speeches on how Steve Jobs succeeded in business to how we can use applications to capture vital reader data. I was showing them the way as I acquainted them with the grand vision of Tikku’s Travelthon. The streets of Njarackal added their own flavour to my voice and act in front of the camera and I took care to look and wear my best for my camera appearance. Now that I have got a role in a Sanjay Dutt starrer film called Torbaaz which also features Nargis Fakhri, I am doubly excited. The weather has been hot and humid in Cochin City and its suburbs but our excursions to cooler areas in Munnar gave me much relief. The toddy, the spicy food, the tea gardens and green meadows with an ever-flowing mountain mist are the key ingredients of Kerala’s scenic beauty.

Mix all this with the silent mystery of its quiet backwaters ridden with palm trees. Kerala is a wonder of many faces and moods. Steeped in the tradition of equality to all, it is the last bastion for the Communist party. Yes, Kerala is a red state. It is by no means poor and cities like Cochin have a very efficient transport system. With efficient taxi service moving about the city and suburbs, it was not an issue for us and thus, we got a lot of filming done. Yes, it is me Mr. Eccentric discovering Kerala in my own unique style.

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