When I started out on my journey, I decided that the only way that I could rebuild my life and forget the scars of the past was to build a new life with a brand new vision. An all-encompassing vision of sharing, beauty, love, joy and peace through spirituality. You don’t need to look for fancy business ideas or some out-of-the-box algorithms. All you have to listen to is the rhythm of your heart and search for your true inner voice. What is it that you desire? How do you want your day-to-day life to be? How will it be structured?


To overcome the tragedy of my father’s death, I went deep within myself as I started to travel to find answers. This journey of mine gave me my present life in which 70% of the year is spent travelling on the road. That became the kind of life I was enjoying and the way I saw myself living for the next five or six years. I mapped my thoughts, my creativity and my business acumen into building a life like this around me. I had a self-sustained structure that had a grand vision lead by deep inner belief and a powerful will to overcome every obstacle that came in the way of this vision I had of my life.


I just kept travelling, building a blog, sharing my stories and now it has been three years of doing this. A business model, a company and a minimisation program are in place. Not to mention, I have over 75,000 followers across social media. My entrepreneur journey wanted to build a new life with its own rules and paradigm shift. This evolved into a business idea and a sustainable way of life for me. Through my writings and interactions with people, I was able to build a business idea which can make money too. So it’s true. Try and build a life first. The business part will follow. It is just an extension of the whole thing.


Day-to-day scars look lighter when you are happy about your entire life and every aspect of it. So look to live your perfect life and the business idea will follow. Of course, a lot will depend on your strengths and area of expertise as well as interests. The kind of people you want to be seen with is also very important, so choose your critics and peers carefully. Too often a man drowns himself by listening to the wrong advice, so avoid that. Try to be with people who help nurture and support your business as well as your passion for driving the idea through.


Have a vision and then through grit, drive it through. Live and breathe this vision. Let it spread its wings and engulf you. You become the vision and all else fades away. It all starts with you wanting to first build a life.

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