Landed in Malé airport without a hotel reservation.The immigration officer gave me a rye smile and said “no entry without reservation sir ,we will keep your passport go to the reservation desk and get a hotel booking done only then we will release your passport”. I rushed out to get my reservation done and my bad luck my credit card got declined due to security reasons. I searched around for my dollars and gave the guy $400 and got myself booked into a hotel called Cocogilli Beach House and though I did not see it then – here is a Trip Advisor Listing.It was in the nick of time that I got the receipt and gave it to the reservation officer who asked me ”what do you do?” I said “i am an actor sir have you seen Rab ne Bana di Jodi?” He sized me up for a while “you acted with Shahrukh Khan he is my favorite actor!” He stamped the passport instantly with a huge grin “enjoy sir enjoy you are our guest.”Now i know whenever i get stuck in this part of the world i will take Shahrukh’ name and get myself bailed out.

Sat into a taxi that took me to the hotel room. Wifi only available in the lobby shit, I though now I am having to spend all my time in the lobby since I have gotten so addicted to my blog. Made my first friend here and his name is Alam from Bangladesh , he bought me a tuna sandwich I tipped him a dollar and he took me out for a stroll on the beach . The island i am staying in is called Hulhumale and it is exotic with lots of bars and white coral sea . I love it as I am alone again and my writing is coming back .

Reminder – need to send my first piece to Ritu my Travel Plus editor and it better be good so that I can secure a regular column for myself. Am just a bit nervous as I am not really a writer but my Travelthon is picking up steam and now there is no going back.

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