Bearing baggage with you is one of the most important things while traveling. I try to travel light and also make sure that I have plenty of room for essentials. I carry a brown Delsey Sky suitcase. There are separate sections for toiletries and other essentials like nail cutters, wire cords etc. In addition to having enough space for my clothes, the suitcase also comes with a section for a coat and blazer. All the shoes and sandals also go into the Delsey suitcase. It is flexible with wheels and has a handle making it convenient to drag around. The zips in the suitcase are also strong and effective. I keep enough space for nick baks and some memorabilia.

Travelling Light!

I carry a separate soft laptop bag for my Apple Macbook Air including attachments and speakers with backup memory and file transfer gadgets. Of course, the Apple iPhone 6s is my constant companion which I keep in my jacket pocket at all times. I carry a winter jacket with me since I arrived in Africa. In winters, it was a must. The iPhone 6s comes with its own storage drive and I have most of the social media apps downloaded on it.

Carry Only the Essentials!

I make sure I stay in hotels with Wi-Fi connectivity and even use dongles while travelling in cars or jeeps to stay connected with the world. I am, at all times, fully connected to social media and rely on internet banking with alerts. My Macbook Air is loaded with the latest movies and my favourite albums to drive away those blues. I also have the same on my iPhone. Music is great company on long journeys and I enjoy it regularly.

Do not forget your gadget companions. A camera, a device to stay connected with the world and something to read or write.

I use a black camera bag for my Canon DSLR with two lenses including the zoom lens with cleaners and transfer cords. I always pack a travel book with me and I am currently reading “An African Love Story” by Sheldrick. I also bring along my leather Dunhill sling bag that carries my money at all times. Travel documents, travel cards and other essentials including cigarettes, deodorant and battery chargers go in this bag. In the suitcase, I also carry a bottle of single malt whisky. Last, but not least, I use my Axis Bank travel card that I keep topping up with dollars when I need cash. This is how I travel light.

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