My days at the island nation of Madagascar were getting to be fun. It had been countrywide journeys to cross the length and breadth and to get as good as possible a feel of this place.

The afternoons were getting warmer and I didn’t feel the need to take my jacket out as I venture into the wild.

As one of the last things to do here before I head further deeper into the African land and we headed off into the thick of the Isalo National park .

The entry fee is 65000 Ariary, about $22 or about 1460 Indian Rupees for a day and you need to pay another 120000 Ariary to get a guide, which is mandatory and who would take you around and inside the park.

Some visitors tour the vast expanse of the park over a week or so. We, my guide and I began our little trek began through thick woods and wild rocks.

we marched on crossing water falls and small streams and before soon I was engrossed in these purple flowers with huge bees buzzing on them.

That was it and I was amazed at the scene and begun taking close up shots of the bees and the flowers with my camera.

A little distance away was a jungle camp with people having lunch with tents put up in tents right in the middle of the jungle park.

I decided to rest for a while but not before I got a glimpse of the Lemurs and I took lot of pictures of all the three distinct types of Lemurs including the one with the long ringed tails.

After a quick meal of Chicken and rice I had what was probably the best dessert I have had in a while pineapple in caramel sauce and boy was it mind blowing or what?!!

Caramel Pineapple
Caramel Pineapple

After that snack I was up and ready to take on more of the the jungle again. I went down in between the steams to capture the play of nature in my camera.

It is much cooler in the jungle with the thick foliage and cool streams and water ways, one feels so one with nature here and a kind of soothing feeling sets in.

At times like this one just wants to sit back and contemplate life a bit.

After a full tour of the park which took about two hours we headed back home, but not before I spotted a brown and green snake in the bushes on our path.

I got a few close shots but must have scared the snake as he rustled past through the bushes.

As if on cue my guide picked up a stick and tried to pull the snake closer so that I could get a better shot of him. The snake fought back and jumped to the other side before slipping away from us.

Now we were dangerously close to the snake he could have attacked us , but i managed to get a couple of shots of the slippery bugger.

I am getting a hang of taking close up and portrait shots now and getting to grips with my larger lens on the camera.

I knew I wanted more and there was more to be had, deeper Africa to be probed and wilder sights to be seen. I knew I was heading forward onward to Kenya now, the wild life explorer in me having woken up !!


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