In my journey through Africa, I saw some amazing wildlife. I pondered upon what all of us humans can learn from these animals. There is so much in them and their nature that we can learn from.

Elephants: I learnt that size does matter. Their sheer size is intimidating. Their tusks are intimidating “haathi ke daant khane ke kuch aur aur dikhane ke kuch aur hote hein.” They break tree trunks with their massive bodies and scare away other animals who come near them. Their sheer size overpowers others.

Crocodiles – The Virtue of Patience

Crocodiles: I saw how still and patient the crocodile is. Lying near ponds and open water lakes, they almost look like rocks. No movement as if they were still with their jaws wide open waiting for the fish to come in. As the helpless prey is inside their wide and powerful jaws, they shut it to devour their prey. So what can we learn from them? I learnt the virtue of patience from them, I learnt that one needs to wait and wait and wait before one strikes. For victory, patience is required.

Vultures – Nothing in Nature should be Wasted.
Hyenas – Everything can be Recycled for Use

Vultures and Hyenas: I saw these massive vultures devour a whole larger beast. They flocked in dozens to taste and nibble at the carcass. Their mates, the hyenas thronged around to taste the flesh from a lion’s fresh kill. I learnt that nothing in nature should be wasted. Everything can be used and recycled like what the hyenas and vultures do. They are the scavengers who feast on others handiwork and cunningness. They are the garbage men of the jungle and make sure that nothing goes waste.

Giraffes – The Art of Sticking Your Neck Out

Giraffes: With their long legs and even longer necks, they have the advantage of reach. They can eat fresh leaves and fruits from the highest trees and shrubs. I learnt the art of sticking your neck out from them. Their colourful skin makes them attractive in a bizarre way.

Crane – The Art of Concentration

Peacocks and Cranes: Peacock’s beautiful feathers and dance are intoxicating. From them, one learns the art of attraction, how to attract other people and mesmerise them into submission. Their dance in the rain can be enchanting, like wine it is intoxicating. I learnt the art of concentration from Cranes. How they stand still on one leg in the flowing river water, waiting for the fish to swim by and then, with one strike, gobble it all up.

Hippos – The Art of Adaptability

Hippos: I learnt how they can adapt on land as well in the water. How mass and weight can be used as buoyant to bob around in the water.

Lions – The Art of Eating, Sleeping, Hunting and Rejoicing

Lions: I saw and observed them in a pride and also alone. The female is the hunter here. She teaches her cubs how to hunt and she is great at it. I learnt how knowledge and skill are passed on from one generation to the other. I learnt the art of eating, drinking, sleeping and rejoicing from them. Their very walk is intimidating. They are truly the kings and queens of the jungle. They keep the balance of predator and prey in the jungle. Their skin beautifully camouflages with the brown savant grass making them almost invisible as they blend in the background. This comes in handy when they are about to attack their prey.

Lemurs – The Art of Balance

Lemurs: Their colourful furs make them attractive and their long tails help them to balance when they jump from one branch to another. Their strong legs give them the required push to jump from one tree to another. I learnt that balance is important in life, a balance between work and play, family life as well as professional life. Balance is the heart of life.

Chameleons – The Art of Deception and Camouflage

Chameleons: The art of deception and camouflage can be learnt from them. We can learn how to fade away in the background by changing colour.

Cheetahs – The Art of Stealth and Speed

Cheetahs: From them, I learnt the importance of speed, pace and stealth. How sheer speed can be used to overpower the opponent. Their strong legs give them the pace and start that is required to succeed in life as well as in business.

Rhinos – The Art of Intimidation

Rhinos: With their horns and hide as tough as a boulder. Their large size and strong pillar-like legs make them threatening. Size is as important as a tough skin. Their hide is tough and that is what one needs in life. To have a tough skin which comes in handy when one is under attack. ‘Moti khaal’ is important so that you can keep doing what you want to do, the way you want to do it without bothering about what other people say.

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