I had gotten up late in the morning and realised that I had no energy left for the day. So I slept over till the evening and then decided to call Muzaffar and check out Moscow at night. We meandered through the central part of Moscow and then went towards the Moscow University hovering over the Moscow River with my GoPro camera. Muzaffar was becoming a kind of an expert with my Canon camera and now, even he was enjoying taking photographs of the city at night. Moscow was beautiful near the river as the boats sailed through. We stood on a bridge staring into the skyline and shot pictures on the sidewalks where tourists were also taking pictures. I posed with a Russian hottie who was happy to take a picture with me. Muzaffar said, “You know, he is a Bollywood actor.” The lady smiled and pulled me closer towards her so that Muzaffar could get a better shot.

After a lot of shots, I walked towards the car and Muzaffar served me some fresh coffee which I duly took a sip of. My GoPro was taking some excellent videos of the city skyline and I was enjoying the breeze of fresh air which blew eastwards.

We truly had a ball till five in the morning taking pictures and videos of Moscow at night. So now, sit back and enjoy the view.

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