Baba Ramdev is a brand indeed, revered and followed by millions in India. He is, of course, very close to the current government and is the flag bearer of the current Patanjali revolution. A revolution that I came to see and be a part of.

Baba Ramdev’s Magical World of Yoga.

It has been six days at the Yog Gram and I have already lost 4 kg. The diet, the therapies, the yoga and the pranayama, all have resulted in me achieving my goal. I came here skeptical about the place and the results I would get. My friend Janak mocked “You will be running out of the damn place in two days. No cigarettes, no alcohol, no non-veg, no sugar and no masala.” Man, it is going to be tough. I, for once, changed that perception. I have put up with all the treatments that Patanjali and its doctors could throw at me for the past 6 days. Now, with the routine falling in place, it is only going to get easier as I have gotten used to the diet and the place. The fruits, juices and dates of the place are all that I get to eat. I go to morning and evening therapies that consist of massages, steam as well as ozone baths and calf stretches. The yoga hall is where I do my morning yoga and Pranayama. Not to mention, the morning starts at 4:30 am with an Enema.

A charming horse, a beautiful environment, a relaxing ride.

I also enjoyed some horse riding yesterday but the highlight was the massive cramps I had in my stomach which forced me to go to the doctor. I thought it was due to the lack of food and the hunger but I was pleasantly informed that my intestines were churning out all the waste that had collected in them and would throw them out the next morning when I take a crap. I was asked to take 10 glasses of water and wait for the morning to come.

Feeling like I was on top of the world.

Today, I feel light-classed and rejuvenated in such a way that I have been singing all through the morning therapy rituals. I really felt like I was on top of the world, especially when I weighed myself in the morning and was surprised to find out that I had already lost 4 kg.

Truly a heaven in the ocean of dusty farmlands.

This place has a lot of vibrant energies and positivity. The staff is very polite and encouraging. There is also a degree of strictness maintained so that the patients follow the entire process and exercise of therapy.

The polite and vibrant staff of Yog Gram.

I made a few friends who are from Banaras and took their photos with my new camera in the afternoon. They promised to smuggle a few packets of biscuits to me today. I told them I need something sweet. The biscuits are still awaited.

The vehicle of Patanjali Yog Gram.

The Baba landed in the ashram the other day and I was frantic to get an interview with him. I was told to be patient but the Baba left early and I was left stranded. Forget the interview, I couldn’t even get a photo of him.

An ashram or a calm paradise, you decide.

I am determined to lose at least 10 kg in this place and the way things are going, I think I will achieve my target easily.

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