Often our internal dialogue leads us to blame ourselves for things that we did in the past or are unable to do in the present. These are just tricks that our mind plays on us. Let me be very critical of this kind of mind interplay. At every point, one must understand that these are just games we ourselves are playing with our conscious mind. These repetitive thoughts lead us nowhere. They just put us down. I call it the blame game. One must understand wherever we are and whatever our current situation is, existence gives us the best result and always works in our favour. When we see things in this light, we will understand that we are all one with existence and not against it. Existence is always supporting and nurturing us.


Think about it. Does the sun fight with the moon or do the stars fight with each other? Everything in existence is in perfect harmony with each other, then why not us? Why does man believe that he is in danger? This happens because of the ego. Ego separates us from the true reality. It brings us into disarray and discord. We believe that we are not one with existence and thus, start to believe existence is against us. Nothing, in reality, is against us. We are one complete whole and as they say, “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop”. So stop playing the blame game as there is nothing imperfect about us, our circumstances or our situations. Everything is as it should be and harmony is our own nature.


You must understand that you are only witnessing your own life movie in front of you and not anything else. Your highs, lows and life dramas are your own and only you can see them and witness them. When you hear or partake in the experience of other people’s lives, you will take solace from the fact that they have also had a roller coaster life. Their highs and lows are as deep, dramatic and real as yours. You see only your pain and joys at first but when you sit with others, you will see theirs too. This will give you solace and by sharing your pain, it will be halved. As they say, ‘Sorrow shared is sorrow halved, joy shared is joy doubled’. So seek the company of like-minded people and partake in each other’s joys and sorrows.


Be the ocean that engulfs the drops like Shiva who drank the poison from the Samudra Manthan. Be the vast ocean of humanity and dance in oneness and in your own uniqueness. Yes, understand that joys and sorrows will all pass away like the seasons. I urge you to follow your heart and not to blame yourself for anything. You are perfect as you are. You are whole, you are existence, you are peace, and you are harmony.

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