More than the individual performances, it is the team performance that matters the most. Survival is a game that not only we humans play but also corporates and businesses. They have to survive, re-strategize and then regroup in an ever changing market scenario that is FAD driven. Here is where the performance of the team is paramount and how cross-functional teams support each other to meet a common organisational goal. It is important to build bridges, fill in the gaps, learn and relearn, and adapt to ever-changing market needs as well as team dynamics. You have to cut the politics out and focus on the result and objective. This is followed by looking at your resources, the time available to you, the budget and manpower you have and how well trained your team is. More so, how motivated it is to achieve the task in hand. We can break things into tasks and assign them to people depending on their efficiency and knowledge. Once this is done, set deadlines and timelines in place for the completion of each task, prioritise tasks depending on how important or urgent they are and work in an organised manner. Form a command and control system and see that the flow of orders is smooth. Penalise people for lack of performance, laziness and sloppiness. Promote and reward your most enthusiastic workers.

Right Communication, Right Motivation, Right Deadline, Right Training and Right People. These are the things required to build great teams who can take on any challenge internally or externally. The process you set in place should have an active feedback loop that keeps the process on track. There should be a system of review and a system to adjust timelines.

Adventure sports such as river rafting, scuba diving, zip line and hurdles help in building team motivation and trust, and can also be used as corporate training tools. Here, a team of different people have to help each other in order to complete a task. Tele Match, an entertainment circus competition had some great game ideas that would help build strong corporate teams. Even in a wild African Bush Safari, a lot of teamwork goes in to have witnessed a great safari or have a chance to see a live game. The drivers have a different skill level and are specially trained to drive in the vast savannah. Drivers from all over the bush speak to each other through walkie-talkies just in case one of them spots a pride of lions or leopards snooping about. The game wardens roam the jungle areas with full alertness and so are the guards and other staff on the game reserve. It requires team work for you to enjoy a great safari experience.

I built a lot of confidence in myself by doing bungee jumping, rafting, water scooters and water boats, and it made me more confident.

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