If you are a foreign traveller traveling to India for a holiday or for work with a pet, you need to be aware about a few things. Most Indian airlines on the internal routes have policy and specific guidelines if you are travelling with pets. You are given a special airline approved pet cage in which the pet will be kept. Jet Airways, Vistara, SpiceJet and Air India allow pets on board. On the other hand, Air Costa and Air India only take animals that are pets of disabled people.

Air India allows pets in the cabin but not more than 5 kg in weight. The rest of the airlines allow guide dogs in cabin. Rest of the animal species like rabbits, birds and cats are kept in the cargo area. Make sure you check availability for your pet in advance. You may also have to pay a flat fee to the airlines to carry your pet.

Most important thing about travelling with a pet is crating. Most airlines have pre-approved pet crates of a certain size, make and material in which you can carry your favourite pets. You can also buy a pet crate of pet baggage from Amazon as they have airlines approved Pets Empire Fabric Dog Crate.

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This durable dog and cat kennel is available from Amazon only for Rs 1,795. If you travel with pets, it will come in handy. The crate should be well ventilated with space for the pet to stand and sleep. It should be made of chewable material and must be leak-proof as well as escape-proof. Make sure you visit the vet in advance and get an ‘ok to fly’ certification. All your documentation should be complete. If you are travelling by train, you can book a berth and carry your dog, but if someone objects to it, the pet will have to travel in the luggage compartment. Also, if the pet is large, it will have to travel in the bogey with the horses.

So take care and plan ahead if you are travelling with your darling pets.

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