It was evening and Janak was getting restless as we had been at home all day trying to fly my new drone. He was itching to get out of the house and today, we felt that a place should be our best bet and what better place than Kake Da Hotel in the outer circle.


This is the most thrilling address of Delhi if you want to taste mouth jingling butter chicken full of Delhi dhaba style. This restaurant has been running for the last 86 years and was started by an immigrant family from Punjab in Pakistan. The current owner is the son who is fondly called as the Captain, a gentleman who loves his chicken.


Of course, the chickens are mind blowing but do taste the keema matar, the seekh kebab, the dahi meat and the brain masala. This served with dal makhni and tandoori rotis or naan is just the dinner anyone can hope to get in the wintery evenings of Delhi.


The ovens are burning and baking the rotis as the dishes of mutton and chicken simmer in brass pots with large amounts of amul butter being poured into the chick gravy. Two plates and you are fully ready to polish it off with a Pepsi, “Yeh Dil Maange More!”. You can also have leftovers packed to take a bit home for a midnight snack.


The dhaba has a bright red neon sign with a red and white canopy. It is a clean and well-maintained place but with the basic amenities to give it the dhaba look.


All transactions are in cash and no credit cards or other modes of payment are allowed. At least not yet but with demonetisation on the go, the owners will have to think about this policy.


The succulent seekh kababs are a must try in winters and Captain treated me to a full plate especially when he heard that I was doing a feature on my blog about his restaurant. He was so happy that he let me and Janak feast at the dhaba for free.


There are many restaurants, dhabas and eateries on that lane of the outer circle but it is only Kake that is full all the time with waiting time of hours on the weekend. We were lucky it was a Tuesday as the rush was minimal.


I managed to get some more time to take shots of this magnificent eatery which has given me so much joy over the years. My gastric juices start flowing instantly when I see its red signboards. Kake has won many awards and certificates of appreciation. Sites like Mouthshut, Tripadvisor and Burpp have praised its efficient services and succulent butter chicken.


With a thick tomato gravy, the soft white chicken can taste like seven heavens. The crisp roti wrapped around soft pieces of brain masala can be very mouth-watering. Man, I just kept burping after I finished my chicken and was through with naan.


So if it’s chicken you are looking for in Delhi, “array bhai rhoda muga shurga ho jaey”. Just hop onto an OLA and land up at the Kake Da Hotel where lineage, heritage and class meet the rustic dhaba meat and chicken delicacies of real Punjab.


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