This was during my Bollywood days at my flat in the suburbs of Lokhandwala. It was a typical dusty afternoon as I sat on my bed contemplating which audition to go to. My mobile rang. It was a fellow struggling actress called Diksha. She called up and asked if I could meet her friend Anup who wanted to enter the acting line. “Well, it would be great if you could guide the young girl. She is a novice, of course, but you have enough experience with all the ads you have done. Just have a chat with her.” It was a harmless request and I agreed to honour it. Those where the OSHO days of mine as I roamed around the house in my white robes. My long and curly hair was falling back to my shoulders. As I stared through my bedroom window to look at the concrete porch and swimming pool, I felt a little dullness in my head. I knew it was time to smoke some pot and get the mind jingling again. The billowing smoke of hash can have as much an uplifting feeling as transcendental meditation. But for me, hash and a good puff of the bong beats everything. I grew high headed and waited for my guest.

The bell rang and I opened the door. In walked the hottest piece of ass I had ever seen. A dusky girl with long curly and wavy hair just like Medusa in Greek mythology. She had big deep set eyes and ocean bellowed in them. Her elegance and the way she sat down on my pussy pink sofa was breathtaking. It was like a breeze, like a nymph from the heavens who walked into my humble abode to disrupt my peace of mind.  She took centre stage dressed in a colourful floral top and tight white trousers, the ones made up of a stretchable material which hugged every nook and cranny of her hips. She wore matching white sandals as she fumbled into her black purse to take out a cigarette.

I just fell back into the couch next to her watching her every move in slow motion. She took the cigarette to her lips and boom, she lit it up with just one strike of a match stick. Her full trudged lips adorned a strange purple colour lipstick. With her bronze skin, wide forehead and pearly white teeth, she gave me a grand smile. It was like being in a commercial for Colgate and Close-up toothpaste. She was a sensual angel, all pure but very inviting. A beauty with dollops of oomph. The air was fresh as it was approaching evening but this was where things began to happen. As if with a swish, I started complimenting her. It was a genuine outpouring. Man, I was faking nothing, this lady was special.

As if mesmerised by each other, I walked across the drawing room as she followed me with haste into the bedroom. “Are you this complimentary to everybody?” she asked with a smile that said she knew the answer. She had seen the attraction in my eyes and she was following suit. I lied down on the bed still chatting to her as she took her place and sat next to me. It was like some unseen magic had whirled around us and we were both drawn to each other. I very spontaneously finding her so close to me took it as a cue and mustered the courage to try to kiss her. “You are scaring me” she said as she looked back into my eyes. There was no hesitation or fear in her. It was just pure grace. It felt abrupt and almost anticlimactic as I moved back immediately. She tried to ignore my move “Oh, I have this impact on people.” as she grabbed a pillow and lied down next to me. I couldn’t believe it. I had known her for barely five minutes and I had made my move. This was surely the unplanted kiss. It was later that I realised that I should have completed my kiss.

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