Travelling solo has its own pleasures. There is no one to hold you back, your plans are yours only to make as well as unmake. I had a plan to cover ten countries in Africa this time and that I duly did. From Mauritius to Kigali, ten countries on the trot and almost five months of travelling through East Africa. I had used my tickets till Togo but homesickness brought me back to Mumbai through Ethiopia. You see, as I said, you can make and unmake your plans when you are travelling solo. You do lose money on cancelled flights and re-reservations, but what the heck, it’s your life. Live it the way you want. No time constraints, no limitations, no bother, you make your itinerary as you go along.

Travelling Solo… Freedom of One Mind, One Decision.

Oh, indeed I do like women, especially girls. I have my fair share of sex as I go along. But I befriend these women, dine with them and engage in pleasantries. At times, I have deep conversations with them before we make love. You see, money can buy you love anywhere in the world. I have a figure in mind to spend on my carnal desires and it’s around 100 to 150 dollars a night for the company of these darlings. Not only do they spend the night with me, but at times, I keep them for a few days and then I am off to some other country, leaving only sweet memories behind. I love collecting love memorabilia from my partners. A comb left behind by my lady love in Cambodia, a scarf from Malena and a kiss from Olivia.

Feeling like the King of the World.

I love them all but carry no one’s baggage. At the end of the day, it’s just me and my thoughts constantly watching each other with no room for anyone else, and I like to keep it that way. If I fall for a girl during my travels, I fear I might get attached and stay with her in that country forever. This will be detrimental to my dreams of travelling the world as a world traveller can’t stop at one place. He has to move on and attachment leads one to stay back and gain roots, but that I cannot. At least, not yet.

The Lone Wanderer, World Traveller.
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