The Desert Storm – Heaven On Earth


It is safe to say that the only thing that gives me joy is to travel, and post-corona, I am discovering my zest for travel again. My six-week travels to Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, and Egypt gave me a big boost, and I explored these countries to the hilt. I was thrilled to bits seeing the Pyramids and cruising on a liner on the Nile. The streets of Jordan and then floating on the Dead Sea. The conversations with the many tour guides and the seafood of Alexandria. How could I forget the dolphins of the sea in the sleepy town of Hurghada? Rubbing therapeutic mud on my body to keep it young and scar-free, the journey to the desert lands of North Africa and the Middle East was an eye-opener for me.

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Seeing the mosques and the synagogues of Amman and the churches of Aqaba. It was as if soft music would be constantly ringing in my ears. Dancing on the road with the carriage owners, singing old Bollywood songs, dancing with an Egyptian belly dancer in the local bar, getting high on beer, and sitting next to the pool, drinking wine and whiskey, the journey was intoxicating. I managed to finish two bottles of Champagne on my own during the ship cruise. It was a trip full of solitude, and I feel I have gotten so used to being alone now that this solitude has become my very nature. I would often float into my world full of fantasy and joy in my room. But would then shake myself up and wander outside looking for company and someone to talk to.

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