PUTLI TWO – Aao Khelein ek Naya Khel


The ace archaeologist has been hailed as the Indian Indiana Jones. The man who established that Jesus died in Kashmir is now on another quest, his most daring operation ever. This time he is going to turn the Islamic faith on its head by proving to the world that Mecca and Madina are not the true and authentic tombs of the prophet Mohammad, but the real tombs lie in an ancient village called Kabbala on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Get ready for Putli Two! The murderous doll is back, and she is ready to play another game.

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PUTLI Two is the continuation of the story of the demonic, bloodthirsty doll PUTLI and the adventures of the archaeologist Sushant Gupta. In this story, Sushant Gupta has left the ghost of Putli and the killing of Reverend Jim Jones behind him.


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