Purane Pipal Ka Jinn


The story is of a very strange and unusual possession, where a Jinn sitting on top of a Pipal Tree takes possession of a middle aged actor Arvind Prakash while he unknowingly and unwittingly pees on the grave of a fakir under a Pipal Tree. The Jinn warns him but Arvind doesn’t listen, the angry and agitated Jinn takes possession of Arvind Prakash and attacks parts of his penis, which results in Arvind getting a medical complication on his penis.

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His penis grows red and its skin begins to rot. Strange and unexplainable things begin to happen as Arvind and his best friend Shiv Swarup fall off their scooter for no reason at all as if an unseen force pushes them both on the road. Doctors are unable to tell the exact reason for Arvind Prakash’s rotting penis. Who is behind all this and what does the Jinn want from Arvind? Above all whose tomb was it under the Pipal Tree? Read on this scary and mystical true tale of ghost’s, jinn’s and possession.



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