Chandar Choor Ki Churan Factory


Suddenly his father Lala Ram dies of a heart attack and the responsibility of his mother Asha Rani and his young sister Chatpati falls on Chandar Choor who is unable to protect his family business which finally runs into debt. He needs a new business idea a new plan to earn a living. He stumbles upon the idea of making churn and selling it in local shops. Soon with the help of his friends and a clever venture capitalist he builds his own Churan Factory which becomes the talk of the town. But the evil don Raka Ram and his side kick Munna Talkies want their hafta and profit form the factory Chandar Choor has set up. Hold on to your horse’s folks for a nerdy quirky adventure called Chandar Choor Ki Churan Factory.

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Chandar Choor is a young teenage lad living in Khari Baoli in Delhi. His father Lala Ram is a trader of dry fruits and pure fresh ghee in Delhi. The family live in a rented flat with two bedrooms in Karol Bagh. Chandar Choor is a fun loving guy and enjoys his evenings with friends Amol Gupta, Naina Yadav and Sukumar Singh, who also go to school with him.


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