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Milli Meet Miss Lilly: The Two Women In My Life


Dev Sinha is a Bollywood Fashion Designer who has a steady girlfriend called Milli a fitness and aerobics instructor. They are in love and in a steady relationship for four years but things are about to change and so is the dynamics of their relationship as Dev gets obsessed with a mannequin made of latex and industrial rubber who he calls Miss Lilly. She is the new mannequin, which he has put on the front show window of his cloths store called Razzmatazz.
The trauma is too much for Dhruv Kapoor to take when he sees his beloved wife in bed with the celebrity cricketer. He has a show down with his wife and in a fit of rage and shame takes his own life by hanging himself to the celling. The world of a happy family turns upside down as there is another killing that of Diksha Kapoor herself her body cut up and slashed by large Korean knives her belly slit open and her blood spattered on the wall. The murder creates a sensation in the Mumbai socialite circle and the tabloid media along with the 24/7 news channels go berserk covering the killing calling it the Mommy Murders. All fingers point to one person the son of the now dead Mrs Diksha Kapoor,Dhruv Kapoor. Read on as the murders are investigated by the top cop of Mumbai Police Inspector Suraj Kumar and his alcoholic assistant an ex professor of psychology who calls himself Zen.

Yes Sir I Killed My Dad – Paperback


Yes, sir, I killed my Dad! Is a father and son story and how a son loses his father to a spree of gruesome murders that shook Mumbai over a period of two months? This back to back murder spree by a serial killer called Vijay Palande has been chronicled in this book. This is the story of the only survivor of that killing spree, who lives to tell the tale of the brutal murder of his own father. The elations and trauma that he went through and how the entire gory episode unfolded in-front of his very eye, as he was numbed by drugs and alcohol.

I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma – PAPERBACK


This woman was intelligent, funny, witty yet lonely, aloof, tormented and humiliated. She had all these qualities and more. More than that, it was that heavy, high and regal cheekbones and forehead of hers that was attractive. Her lips… well, what can I say, was warm, heavy, inviting, tantalising and much more. She played around with her hair, wore tight skirts to class and was ever so ready to mingle with the boys.



It’s a tale of deceit and deception, of how greed consumes man to do the most heinous things to other men. How young people can go to any length to full fill their dreams. The story is full of twists and turns. It is also story that highlights the alertness and efficacy of the Mumbai Police and how they managed to solve a complex case as the Tikku Murder.

Kisi Ki Khopdi Kisi Ka Dhad – Palande ka Fifth Victim – “Yes, sir, I killed my dad.” Pentalogy


This book has been compiled through extensive research of the case 775, the skull of the unknown victim, and through compiling and investigating all witness testimony and their statements in court, including the DNA and blood sampling done by the forensic experts.

Karan Kakkad Ke Karnamey – The Trial of the Karan Kakkad Murder Case – A “Yes Sir, I killed my dad” Tetralogy


The content of this book has been compiled through extensive research and by going through all legal documents and files of the case 603 Karan Kakkad Murder Case. Witness testimony and live witness statements have been used to compile this book.

Shredding Shraddha – Statutory Warning: Love Kills


The novel Shredding Shraddha is based on the true events that led to the murder of Shraddha Walker in Mehrauli Chhattarpur by her live-in partner Aftab Poonawalla. Shraddha Walker was strangled. Her body was then cut up into thirty-five pieces and thrown into the jungles of Mehrauli.   He will kill me and cut me up in pieces. Shraddha Walker wrote on her Instagram two years before she was murdered.   "He was merciless; he chopped her into thirty-six pieces and put her severed head inside the fridge." Delhi Police Constable   "It was very difficult to come out of the abusive relationship; her life was a living hell." Rajat is a close friend of Shraddha.   "He should be hanged." Vikas Walker, Father   "We are not doing justice to our daughters; parents need to give security to their daughters." Kiran Bedi retired as a police commissioner.   "Multiple women would visit Aftab’s house." A neighbor

Shaming of Diya: A Revenge Porn Story


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I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma


This woman was intelligent, funny, witty yet lonely, aloof, tormented and humiliated. She had all these qualities and more. More than that, it was that heavy, high and regal cheekbones and forehead of hers that was attractive. Her lips… well, what can I say, was warm, heavy, inviting, tantalising and much more. She played around with her hair, wore tight skirts to class and was ever so ready to mingle with the boys.

Party Girls: Nothing is Taboo


It is a story told by the author in the first person as he slowly gets sucked into the vivacious and pleasure charged world of India’s version of Gisha Girls. The story is about love, money, party binges and the network and systems that run this oldest trade in the world. How it has transformed into a pleasure den for a select few who can party with the Party Girls. There are no taboos here and no rules too. See how the new age sex industry spreads its wings and soars with its network of ever pleasing party girls.

Finding Manmeet – A Mother’s Quest To Find Her Daughter


Soon the New York police department hears of her fame and takes help from her occult powers and intuition to track down and find missing girls in New York. Three young teenage girls have been missing for weeks, and one was found dead in an underground parking lot. The head of the NYPD, Commissioner Wolf Messing, and his deputy sheriff, Emma Jones, are assigned the case. Will Smita help the police find the girls before they are harmed by their assailants? The kidnapper, called "Barbie Killer," has to be found as he might strike again and again. So sit back and enjoy this roller-coaster psychological thriller called Finding Manmeet. A medium is said to have psychic abilities, but not all psychics function as mediums. The term "clairvoyance," for instance, may include seeing spirits and visions instilled by the spirit world. The Para psychological Association defines "clairvoyance" as "information derived directly from an external physical source.

Travelthon Tales – Audio Book


Bubbly is a young Sikh Man who runs an auto to make a living in Amritsar, he did not get much education but somehow managed to pick up an autobiography of Elon Musk, he is now fascinated by the man and his inventions. He is convinced that the only way out of poverty for him and his family is to convert his auto rickshaw into a flying taxi that can ferry pilgrims to and from the golden temple in Amritsar, right from the city center itself bypassing the many narrow lanes and by lanes that crowd the entrance to the Golden Temple creating traffic and needless delay in commuter time. He is a Sardar but he has an innovative mind and an instinct for technology. He learns from the net about the inventions of his Guru and dedicates himself to making his auto rickshaw into a flying machine that can fly like a drone and bypass all road traffic taking pilgrims to the temple in no time. He wants to use solar energy in his auto, not fossil fuel just like his idol he is out to help the people of his city and the tourists who come to the golden temple saving the environment and halting climate change. This mad hatter of a Sardar impresses all in his mohalla who first poke fun at him for thinking about such an absurd and lofty dream. He is supported in his effort by his cousin Bunty and his helper Ram Charan Yadav a native of Madhubani in Bihar. He is guided in his mission by his love Hasina Sidhu who is the daughter of a local Dhaba owner Gurinder Sidhu who runs a Dhaba called Amritsar Happy Chicken. Hasina is desperate to marry Bubbly and fears that her father is against the match, at the same time Bubbly’s quest to convert his humble auto into a flying machine and proving the stereotype that all Sikhs are foolish and dumb wrong. This is taking a toll on their relationship. On the other side Vikram Rana, the owner of Bhola Cabs a large local taxi and auto service provider is chasing Bubbly and trying to steal his patent technology. Will he succeed in making his auto rickshaw fly and will he be finally united with his technology idol? Meet the Techno Sardar of Punjab our very own Amritsar da Elon Musk.