I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma – PAPERBACK


This woman was intelligent, funny, witty yet lonely, aloof, tormented and humiliated. She had all these qualities and more. More than that, it was that heavy, high and regal cheekbones and forehead of hers that was attractive. Her lips… well, what can I say, was warm, heavy, inviting, tantalising and much more. She played around with her hair, wore tight skirts to class and was ever so ready to mingle with the boys.

I am in love now I can’t get it up


Milli Meet Miss Lilly: The Two Women In My Life


Dev Sinha is a Bollywood Fashion Designer who has a steady girlfriend called Milli a fitness and aerobics instructor. They are in love and in a steady relationship for four years but things are about to change and so is the dynamics of their relationship as Dev gets obsessed with a mannequin made of latex and industrial rubber who he calls Miss Lilly. She is the new mannequin, which he has put on the front show window of his cloths store called Razzmatazz.
The trauma is too much for Dhruv Kapoor to take when he sees his beloved wife in bed with the celebrity cricketer. He has a show down with his wife and in a fit of rage and shame takes his own life by hanging himself to the celling. The world of a happy family turns upside down as there is another killing that of Diksha Kapoor herself her body cut up and slashed by large Korean knives her belly slit open and her blood spattered on the wall. The murder creates a sensation in the Mumbai socialite circle and the tabloid media along with the 24/7 news channels go berserk covering the killing calling it the Mommy Murders. All fingers point to one person the son of the now dead Mrs Diksha Kapoor,Dhruv Kapoor. Read on as the murders are investigated by the top cop of Mumbai Police Inspector Suraj Kumar and his alcoholic assistant an ex professor of psychology who calls himself Zen.

मैं भी रश्मि वर्मा के साथ सोया था (Hindi Edition)