The madness of The Monk Audio Book launch 

My first book madness of the monk has been launched on and iTunes as well as on though their production platform. The audiobook is for sale and people can buy and listen to it on an app. The regular members of can also use their credit points to buy download and hear on their mobile phones. The uploading, content check, and goto market processes take two weeks or so and then my audiobook went live for people to buy. After that is the process of promotion, how to make people know that your book has been launched. Well, the platform offers some good deals to promote your audiobook and since I have an exclusive deal with them it is available to me. The platform has marketing tools that can be accessed through a sales dashboard.

I launched my audio book on now what ?

Bounty Referral Program :

Earn up to $75 each time a new Audible listener becomes a member by purchasing your ACX audiobook through your unique link with the Bounty Referral Program. Customize your referral links to target listeners on,,, and Then, track usage of your referral links through an enhanced Bounty Dashboard to see which promotion works best.

Bounty Referral Program

Promo Codes 

Promo Codes from ACX is your tool for distributing free copies of your audiobook and driving listener reviews. Audiobooks distributed exclusively through ACX are eligible to receive up to 100 codes to give away to fans, friends, and reviewers in the US and UK. Access your promo codes for eligible titles through the dashboard below, and track distribution and redemption information to get the most out of your promotions.

Promo Codes

Sales Dashboard 

Sales Dashboard is used to monitor sales of your audiobooks and royalty earnings. It also gives you analytics about how your promotion programs are going and how many promo codes have been used etc.

Sales Dashboard

Mailing List; Use your mailing list and send them referral links so they can access your audiobook and sample it

Blog and Social Media: Use your blog and social media tools to promote your audiobooks. Write articles about your new launches and embed referral links in them.

Unique events: You can organize unique events like sponsors and party in a blind ashram or school and distribute audiobooks and mobile phones their to get some attention. Promote the event on your blog and with other media partners.