The near future will witness a boom in technology and innovations across the globe
We are witnessing a massive digital transformation across the globe. Technology is accelerating innovations, agility, and business growth. Businesses are redefining their operations by incorporating types of technologies like AI, Blockchain, and machine learning. The Covid-19 pandemic induced rapid digitization and automation which enabled IT outsourcing companies to be resilient even in a time of crisis.
Many enterprises embraced disruptive technology and changed their business models to keep up with the changing pace.
The impact created by the pandemic will not fade away and the digital shift is here to stay. Moving with the flaw will be difficult if companies do not follow the new trends in technology. Let us understand some technology trends so that everybody knows what technology to follow, adopt, and carry with you. Advanced technology will continue to transform our lives and work creating big opportunities for industries worldwide. Here are the top 5 technology trends for 2021.
1. Cybersecurity Mesh
Digital migration will enhance the way businesses perform but also creates cybersecurity challenges. The surging cybersecurity braces should be addressed with essential strategies. Cybersecurity mesh is an emerging trend that caters to the current needs of cybersecurity in both real and virtual spaces. It provides a decentralized, distributed infrastructure that can build a security boundary around each user or individual inside the network. With cybersecurity mesh, you can enhance the security to any location which houses your key assets, employees, and devices. This strategy enables the centralization of security policies with a distributed enforcement criteria. The current remote working ecosystem will be a great beneficiary of cybersecurity mesh. It will ensure the accessibility of information to the right users and can detect cyber attacks and breaches faster than an on-premise security system.
2. Blockchain
When we hear blockchain, the first term that comes to our mind is cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Yes, they provide a platform for the decentralized storage and transaction of digital currencies. But they also enable various sectors in storage and transactions by eliminating centralized control and third-party interference. Blockchain can be leveraged by healthcare, fintech, retail, e-commerce, and other booming industries. Distributed Finance is an upcoming development in the banking sector that is driven by blockchain. It ensures transparency in digital transactions without compromising security. Creating traceable and transparent supply chains is another pivotal role of blockchain in the industry world.
3. Hybrid Clouds
Cloud-based solutions have been enhancing business efficiency by providing data accessibility and scalability from anywhere at any time. Hybrid clouds can enhance the experience by combining both public,  private cloud platforms and on-premise proprietary systems. In 2021 we would witness a spike in the shift towards hybrid clouds. The ability of hybrid clouds to both share data and secure it in private and on-premise infrastructure will streamline the business operations.
4. Edge Computing
The growing amount of data demands efficient and smooth computing techniques. Cloud computing is a popular system for data analysis and process. However, companies are now gradually shifting towards the edge movement.1 Edge computing is the current technology trend that ensures low latency, high-speed data processing. With edge, computations can exist closer to the data storage systems which will enhance the functioning of applications. The high bandwidth cost of cloud platforms can be a driving force towards the adoption of edge computing.
5. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is never old and it is continuously evolving to attain various capabilities. Coming years will see the development of AI in ensuring better business predictions, sentiment analysis, and industrial automation. Automation has now become a necessity in most organizations. With AI, it becomes easier to understand customer trends and behaviour. The future of AI is bright considering our growing dependency on it. Growth in the AI market will enhance the job opportunities in various sectors along with opening new avenues for technological innovations. AI has boosted many industries, especially healthcare and pharma during the pandemic. Coming years will witness revolutionary developments in AI since discussions are going on ethical AI, green AI, emotional AI, and many more areas.