I have been following the battle of social media giants with the new IT laws and rules that the government has brought in to reign big tech . As an artist and a writer my position is clear freedom of speech and expression is absolute and 100% there is no other way . The government is right now fleeing its muscles and trying to show the world that it is the Big Boss . The narrative that wants to project is not what comes out on social media , since the platform is for the common man they vent  out their anger vehemently on Twitter , Facebook and WhatsApp . The government has been slammed on social media for the past several months and thus they want to reign in big tech .

I have to state that Big Tech is already regulated Facebook has tens of thousands of fact checkers and content evaluators , who remove content t according to pre set guidelines which can be downloaded from the social media pages. These guidelines and policies are exhaustive and very detailed and the content checkers are trained how to judge content and follow these guidelines that’s their job . Now the government is not happy with social media’s evaluation of content and feel they have the right to judge what content should be removed and what shouldn’t . That’s where the issue is the government wants to regulate big tech to push their agenda and their narrative . The government is not interested in protecting free speech they are only interested in hearing what they want to hear . WhatsApp and Twitter have taken the government to court . In some countries they have won court battles , but if the sate of India wants to get you they are going to get you . I believe that after the initial skirmished with the law the social media giants will relent and bend . But as of now heated debate will rage on as to what is the right way to do things .People will quote the law and sections of the law while lawyers from either side make money the game and the show ill go on with some compromise in the middle.