TV entertainer Hina Khan, who uncovered her disease conclusion last week, shared another update from her vivacious excursion. On Thursday, Hina Khan shared another video of trimming her hair in front of a chemotherapy meeting. The video highlights Hina situated before a mirror for the hair style. Her mom can be heard howling miserably while Hina attempts to encourage her. Then Hina’s beautician gives her the scissors to cut her most memorable lock. After the meeting, Hina Khan can heard say, “It feels pleasant. I feel freed.” Hina Khan recorded her feelings in a long note. She started the note with these words, “You can hear my mom’s howling voice in Kashmiri (favoring me) behind the scenes as she set herself up to observe something she never thought for even a second to envision. Not we all have similar instruments available to us to oversee terrible feelings. To every one of the wonderful individuals out there, particularly ladies who are facing a similar conflict, I know it’s hard, I know for the vast majority of us, our hair is the crown we won’t ever take off. However, imagine a scenario where you’re confronting a fight so extreme that you need to lose your hair-your pride, your crown. To win you must take a few difficult choices.”

Hina Khan's mom weeps as actor cuts her hair short amid breast cancer  treatment: Video - Hindustan Times

Hina proceeded, “And I decide to win. I have chosen to give myself all possibilities imaginable to win this fight. I decide to relinquish my wonderful hair before it begins tumbling off. I would have rather not persevered through this fit of anxiety for a really long time. In this way, I decide to relinquish my crown since I’ve understood my genuine crown is my Boldness, my Solidarity , and the adoration I have for myself. Aur haan.. I have chosen to utilize my own hair to make a pleasant Hairpiece for this stage.”

Hina additionally referenced that she is recording her excursion to support the people who are fighting malignant growth. “Hair will recover, eyebrows will return, scars will blur, yet the soul should stay entirety. I’m recording my story, my excursion, to guarantee that my endeavors to embrace myself arrive at everybody out there. On the off chance that my story can make even one day of this endearing yet painful experience better for somebody, it’s worth the effort.”