I have made a new addition to my Fat to fit regime today after 16 weeks of Fat to fit schedule I have now just bought a new Montra Road Bike in order to loose weight and help me exercise my thighs and hamstring. The yellow bike has broad tires and is a seven-gear bike with breaks on either side. I took it out on the road today and things went fairly smoothly. I also managed to get a bike helmet with matching colors and an air pump to go along with it . The whole thing cost me Rs 29,000 and I intend to make good use of it along with my Yoga Mat and 2kg dumbbell exercises this will surely increase and accelerate my weight loss program.

My plan now is simple I will be dedicating three hours a day to my exercise plan which will include two hours of brisk walking around 12 km a day. Half an Hour I will dedicate to yoga mat exercises and dumbbell exercises. This will include 30 stomach crunches, and 60 dumbles crunch sideways and up and down along with 20 legs up exercises. Half an hour a day to biking on the road on my new roadster which will be a 3 km biking stretch.

My aim is to increase my weight loss from the current average of 2kg per month to 2.5 kg per month for the coming month. That way I am most likely to hit the 90 kg mark by the first week of March which will be perfect and quite an achievement from the 99.6 kg I weighed when I started this exercise schedule.