I regularly take coconut juice while I am doing my evening walks and I have a regular fruit vendor a muslim youth by the name of Iqbal a local boy who runs a fruit shop with his father near my house . The fruit shop is frequented by me regularly and I have become friendly with the glad who enquires about my books and my exercise program . Today we had a conversation about the film Padmavati ,” Sir I think the film got the character of Alauddin Khiji and Rawal Ratan Singh all wrong . I think Khilji was not that bad a man as the film has painted him out to be .” Iqbal lamented .” Well I think you are right Rawal Ratan Singh was equally a lustful man , I mean he married Padmavati when he still had a first wife . He was an aiyaash maybe even a bigger one than Allaudin .” I said in quiet affirmation .

“ I mean if the film was made in Pakistan they would have made Allaudin a positive character and Rawal Ratan a negative character . It is all about perspectives and what narrative you believe in . They had to make Khilji bad so they could appease the Rajisthaini’s .” Iqbal had a valid point and it made me think and ponder .


I went towards the hilly side of Dehra Doon today and saw many street kids flying kites as the sun set at the distant horizon .  The video in the new cinematic mode looks good as I clocked 15 km of walking for three days on the trot .


Enjoy some pictures and videos for the same …..