This is a very effective yet seldom used and seldom skilfully used tactics that can pay rich dividends for bloggers , no matter what niche you blog in . Every niche has it’s controversial topics , it’s about  something that people hold a passionate opinion on or are compelled  to take a Yes / No stand .  You need to find these topics or posts of discussions which will arise if you post about them on your blog . You want to crate a controversy suddenly grip your reader either by using very powerful graphic  language , twisted terms or just some controversial social issue , it has to catch the people , get their instant attention and then pull them enough to comment their opinion , kind of force them to take a stand . Sex and religion even politics is great at creating a controversy  . I have used both sex and religion . I posted on how the brutality of Mahabharata resembles that of the images we see on TV of ISIS . Man I got a lot of attention on that one every Hindu who follows me got upset , some even shared my posts with their friends , but it got a lot of comments . The other was sex I posted sex stories of mu college campus days and , I got a lot of reactions from my old college friends who follow me . Some wanted to Lynch me for exposing my ex girlfriend , but it was an issue where people had to take stands and have a opinion . That is what a controversial topic should do , it should incite in a way .

All that you ahem to do is answer with humour and intelligence , remember their will be trolls also . I got huge shares with my I also slept with Rashmi Verma stories and the traffic grew month on month as people form my old campus crowd started sharing these stories amongst themselves . Their was huge debate on whether its was right of me to reveal such sexual intimate details through my blog stories . I for one remained calm and just enjoyed the trac lion that my blog got due to this .

So look out and write abut controversial topics i, issue in your niche that will get people a bit worked up to respond , it you are. Unable to engage your audience and converse with them , how ill you forge a deeper relationship with them . With out engagement Tehri is no sale andtherefyor no customers and at the end no money or income through your blog.

When getting involved with conversation with your blog followers remember a few tricks . They and avoid mudslinging and unpleasantness . Do not be a Mr. Know it all seek advice and opinion form others . Question peoples  ides and thoughts not their morality or values .Listen more read more and then respond .